Simply pay with a bank card,
through the Simple app.

1. By clicking the "Payment" button, you will be transferred to the SimplePay payment page, where you can start the transaction by entering your bank card details.

2. After entering the card data, please check the correctness of the data.

3. The processing of the transaction starts in the bank's processing systems.

4. You will also be notified by e-mail about the result of the payment, and we will redirect you to the service provider's website.

1. step

After a successful purchase, the parking ticket will be sent to the given e-mail address, which you can validate by either printing it out or saving it on your phone.

The parking ticket is valid from 00:00 on the selected day until 24:00 on the last day.

(Ex.: If you bought a 3-day ticket with a start date of 06/01/2021, then that ticket is valid from 00:00 on 06/01/2021 to 24:00 on 06/03/2021.Even if the start date is the day of purchase.)
The prices include VAT.


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